Conservation Districts of Iowa supports the soil and water conservation districts through public education, acknowledgment, commissioner development, policy, on-the-ground conservation, conservation practice promotion, events and more.

Public Education & Acknowledgment

Supports scholarships for high school seniors entering a natural resources or agriculture related field.  Link to Scholarship Info.

Awards districts, projects, landowners, teachers and others for exceptional contributions to conservation. Link to Awards Info.

Supports the Conservation Poster Contest for kindergarten through twelfth grade students. Link to Conservation Poster Contest Info.

Supporting the Envirothon, the largest environmental competition for high school students in North America. Link to Envirothon Info. 

Supporting district outreach during Soil and Water Conservation Week.  Link to Soil and Water Conservation Week Info.

Commissioner Development

Conducts trainings for new soil and water conservation district commissioners.  Link to New Commissioner Training Info.

Conducts nine Spring Regional Meetings throughout the state of Iowa. Link to Spring Regional Meeting Info.

Conducts the CDI Annual Conference.  Link to CDI Annual Conference Info.


Attends National events to advocate for Iowa. Link to National Event Reports.

Supports District legislative events and holds annual Iowa Conservation Partnership Day event at Capitol.  Link to Iowa Conservation Partnership Day Info.

Conducts a Resolution process for districts to make local, state & federal policy changes that support conservation.  Link to Resolution Info.

Employs a lobbyist to monitor and advocate for CDI & district priorities. Link to Lobbyist Info. 

On-the-ground Conservation & Conservation Practice Promotion

Administers Farm Bill funding for the implementation of on the ground conservation practices. Link to Farm Bill Info.

Seeks to increase the adoption of cover crops and ensure the success of those using them. Link to Cover Crop Resources Info.