2022 Conservation Poster Contest

The Stewardship and Education Committee has developed a five-year rotation for stewardship topics – water, soil, habitat, forestry, and a topic of interest – and determines the theme each year. The 2022 Poster Contest and Stewardship week theme is “Healthy Soil: Healthy Life”. The 2022 Stewardship and Education materials, rules, entry forms and other resources for the 2022 NACD Poster Contest are available for download through NACD Conservation Education Hub. The 2022 Poster Contest will include two options: the “2022 Hand Drawn Poster Contest” is open for grades K-12; the “2022 Digital Poster Contest” is open for grades

How to Enter:

All entries at the local and state-level contest must be submitted with this Local to State Form along with this contest entry form (placed on the back of each poster) by the due dates set by your local conservation district. Find contact information for your local conservation district on NACD’s Conservation District Directory. All poster submissions must be sponsored by a local conservation district.

2022 Poster Contest Rules

2021 CDI Poster Contest Winners

Region 1 (K-1): Mikayla Heller, Sioux SWCD

Region 5 (2nd-3rd): Camdyn Coffman, Guthrie SWCD

Region 2 (4th-6th): Grace Stout, Sac SWCD

Region 1 (7th-9th): Grace Poppema, Sioux SWCD

Region 9 (10th-12th): Liberty Lightfoot, Keokuk SWCD





2020 CDI Poster Contest Winners

Division 1 (K-1): Calvin Tiedeman, Sioux SWCD



Division 2 (2-3) Rylee Hoogland, Sioux SWCD


Division 3 (4-6) Annabelle Koele & Ava Postma, Sioux SWCD


Division 4 (7-8) Alyce Brummel, Sioux SWCD



Division 5 (10-12) Emma Martin, Bremer SWCD



2019 CDI Poster Contest Winners

Division 1 (K-1): Avery Thompson, Muscatine SWCD


Division 2 (2-3): Alexandra Clark, Clarke SWCD


Division 3 (4-6): Eva Valeria Alvarez, Sioux SWCD


Division 4 (7-9): Shelby Mae Andringa, Sioux SWCD


Division 5 (10-12): Zachariah Parrot, Des Moines SWCD


2018 CDI Poster Contest Winners

Division I (K-1): McKinley Schurg, Palo Alto SWCD

Division II (2-3): Eva Alvarez, Sioux SWCD, Region 1

Division III (4-6): MaKenna Steiger, Sac SWCD, Region 2

Division IV (7-9): Shelby Andringa, Sioux SWCD, Region 1

Division V (10-12) Adam Schonert, Kossuth SWCD, Region 2